savory (Brit.) sa·vor·y || 'seɪvrɪ adj. tasty, having a pleasant flavor; fragrant, having a pleasant odor; appetizing; agreeable, pleasant; spicy, piquant

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  • Savory — or Savoury may refer to: * Savory (genus), herbs of the genus Satureja , particularly : ** Summer savory ( Satureja hortensis ), an annual herb ** Winter savory ( Satureja montana ), a perennial herb * Umami, a type of taste also known as savory… …   Wikipedia

  • savory — savory1 [sā′vər ē] adj. savorier, savoriest [ME savouri < OFr savouré, pp. of savourer, to taste < savour, SAVOR] 1. pleasing to the taste or smell; appetizing 2. pleasant, agreeable, attractive, etc. 3. morally acceptable; respectable 4 …   English World dictionary

  • savory — Ⅰ. savory [1] ► NOUN ▪ an aromatic plant of the mint family, used as a herb in cookery. ORIGIN Latin satureia. Ⅱ. savory [2] (Brit. savoury) ► ADJECTIVE 1) …   English terms dictionary

  • Savory — Sa vor*y ( [y^]), a. [From {Savor}.] Pleasing to the organs of taste or smell. [Written also {savoury}.] [1913 Webster] The chewing flocks Had ta en their supper on the savory herb. Milton. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Savory — Sa vo*ry (s[=a] v[ o]*r[y^]), n. [F. savor[ e]e; cf. It. santoreggia, satureja, L. satureia,] (Bot.) An aromatic labiate plant ({Satureia hortensis}), much used in cooking; also called {summer savory}. [Written also {savoury}.] [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • savory — I adjective agreeable, ambrosiac, ambrosial, ambrosian, appetizing, conditus, delectable, delicious, delightful, flavor, flavored, flavorous, flavorsome, full bodied, full flavored, good, good tasting, gustable, gustative, likable, luscious,… …   Law dictionary

  • savory — *palatable, appetizing, sapid, tasty, toothsome, flavorsome, relishing Antonyms: bland (to taste): acrid (in taste and smell) …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • savory — [adj] pleasing, delicious in flavor agreeable, ambrosial, aperitive, appetizing, aromatic, dainty, decent, delectable, exquisite, fragrant, full flavored, good, luscious, mellow, mouthwatering, palatable, perfumed, piquant, pungent, redolent,… …   New thesaurus

  • savory — savory1 savorily, adv. savoriness, n. /say veuh ree/, adj., savorier, savoriest, n., pl. savories. adj. 1. pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell: a savory aroma. 2. piquant: a savory jelly. 3 …   Universalium

  • Savory — Dennis Savory Voller Name Dennis Savory Nation   …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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